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From its inception in '09, the BRICS economic bloc (Brazil, Russia, India, China, & South Africa) conducts itself on the basis of non-interference, equality, and mutual benefit, with its express, formative goal being to improve the global financial situation by adopting an entirely new, global reserve currency. The very Cardano-friendly nations of Nigeria and Tanzania have also announced their intentions to join.

Enter Crypto v1.0

Launched with identical goals, also in '09, Bitcoin was adopted as legal tender by El Salvador in '21 (much to the chagrin of the IMF), followed by the Central African Republic in '22. Like BRICS, these countries identified the need for an alternative reserve currency, recognizing Bitcoin's fixed-cap, trustless nature as ideal attributes, without any political barriers-to-entry as imposed by the permissioned, legacy financial system.

The IMF Responds

The IMF's Spring Meetings '23 saw the Digital Currency Monetary Authority (DCMA) announce their official launch of an international central bank digital currency (CBDC) known as the Universal Monetary Unit (UMU), aka "Unicoin". The "trusted" gatekeeper mentality alive and well, it features a "Staked Proof of Trust" (SPOT) consensus protocol, offering staking rewards for the validation of their network.


One global CBDC to bind & unite them all, Unicoin will ramp-up the status quo to new levels of invasive, Orwellian control; using only those parts of crypto that serve it, and rejecting those that otherwise render it obsolete. Touting itself as decentralized, yet operating from an exclusively licensed & centralized topography; even their FAQ schizophrenically chides DAOs while feigning decentralization as the goal.

3rd Gen Crypto

If imitation's the highest form of flattery, such a parody as Unicoin proves an insult. Cardano requires no intro; true decentralization is its middle name. Already banking the unbanked and providing economic identity, financial freedom, & self-sovereignty to nations like Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Nigeria, how long before Cardano is recognized as the most deserving financial network to enjoy legal tender status?

Awareness is Key

Help bring ADA's use as legal currency to the world! The BRICS nations, starting with Africa, are the ideal launchpad. The West has already made its decision. As currency wars rage on, BRICS has the potential to lead us all towards a more stable and equitable financial system. Cardano truly is the best alternative. Stake with BRICS & you'll not only reap rewards, but help raise awareness to make this vision a reality!

BRICS logo

Ticker: BRICS (Retired)
Pool ID (hex): 2ec242e784676dae418deff1227cf603069f52093fc56c3e7f2e4fb7
Pool ID (bech32): pool19mpy9euyvak6usvdalcjyl8kqvrf75sf8lzkc0nl9e8mw4kzhyk
Cost: 340 ADA (minimum allowed)
Fee: 2%

Our mission is to help Cardano achieve legal tender currency status within this decade.
That means raising awareness of how popular this otherwise extremely logical idea actually is. Do you want to see ADA achieve legal tender currency status as well?

Stake with BRICS and let the world know it!

We believe this goal is very achievable, given how incredibly different Cardano is -
for openly addressing the need for regulatory oversight while maintaining consumer privacy and protections. But is your voice being heard?

Most blockchain projects today further either the aims of privacy or of regulation. Cardano "squares the circle" by finding the right mix of individual privacy protections as well as provisions for regulatory control.
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An SPO with 3 years experience running a top 150, high performance pool, as ranked by cexplorer.io

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We strive to maximize your rewards while delivering a secure, reliable staking service

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3 public & 4 private, geographically diverse and secure servers, with backup automatic failover

How to Stake with BRICS on Cardano

If you already have ADA in any of the following wallets

Online Wallets

Just click here:



1. Buy your ADA on an exchange

2. Transfer the ADA from the exchange to your own wallet

We recommend the following wallets from IOG and Emurgo

3. Go to the "Staking" or "Delegation" center in your wallet and search for 'BRICS'

Pool ID (hex): 2ec242e784676dae418deff1227cf603069f52093fc56c3e7f2e4fb7
Pool ID (bech32): pool19mpy9euyvak6usvdalcjyl8kqvrf75sf8lzkc0nl9e8mw4kzhyk

4. Choose BRICS on Cardano and start earning ADA while helping it to become an official currency!

It takes 15-20 days for your first rewards, after that every epoch (5 days)

Cardano Delegation Cycle


Why so political?
"Crypto is as political as it gets. We’re going to reinvent the concept of money and take it out of the government’s hands and control it ourselves." ~ Charles Hoskinson, Founder of Cardano

“If I seem to take part in politics, it is only because politics encircles us today like the coil of a snake from which one cannot get out, no matter how much one tries. I wish therefore to wrestle with the snake.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

We challenge anyone to take a good, honest look at the state of our economy, and the financial system underpining it, and to then explain how this is not, by nececssity, something of the most political nature imaginable?

We get it, NFTs and memecoins are great, and surely our would-be globalist overlords will allow us to continue playing with them in our sandbox, while blasting their eternally inflatable 5H!T coins all over us, but as a holder of ADA, you already know Cardano was meant for so much more... So where are all the voices calling out for this to happen?

Even if you just love the idea of ADA being adopted by a nation as legal tender, what other stake pool, besides BRICS on Cardano, is actively seeking to bring this vision to reality?

Come be a part of it, and let's make history together!
Who are you?
Part of the security setup of BRICS on Cardano stake pool used to consist in remaining anonymous, but that's no longer the case as we are submitting our mission as a CatalystPorject Fund10 proposal, entitled "₳ Cure for CBDCs: ADA's Official Adoption as Legal Tender Currency".

We believe in free markets, decentralization, and meritocracy (i.e., - trusting the code, and not our central bankers or politicians!). This is too important a conversation to ignore, and so the creation of this pool became an imperative. Please visit our Fund10 proposal to learn more about us, and lend us your support if you also see the importance of our goal?

With a global team distributed on 4 continents, our ability to ensure uptime 24/7 sets us apart from smaller pools, and ever since 2017, we’ve carried an immense love for Cardano. What the project is achieving is very inspiring and worth building for.
How will you achieve such a goal?
Raising awareness of the vision - to see Cardano adopted as legal tender currency by any nation within this decade, is to partake in arguably one of the largest, most globally-scaled, and community-minded efforts one can imagine! Just think about it for a moment: a real conversation for a chance at making Cardano legal tender currency for an emerging market economy... The implications are enormous, and not just for any up-and-coming nation willing to take such a logical step, but for the entire world as well!

We currently have no affiliation with the BRICS summit or the BRICS nation states, but we reserve the right to explore potential collaborative opportunities therein moving forward.

As the SPO for BRICS on Cardano, our mission to facilitate this important conversation can largely be achieved by simply delivering on what anyone would expect to receive from a professionally operated stake pool: consistent & reliable rewards - we will never miss a block!

Good thing then, how in our role as SPO for another, rather well known stake pool, we've earned a reputation for delivering attack-proof Cardano node servers, and have helped several other Stake Pool Operators (SPOs) within the community adopt our uniquely hardened, server topology. This comes from over 24 years in the financial and IT industry, designing and implementing critical information system architecture.
Are you Carbon Neutral?
The BRICS on Cardano stake pool operates on a combination of 3 public & 4 private servers in total, and they are geopgraphically dispersed across a total of 4 continents, helping to ensure a near instantaneous level of global connectivity for our pool. For 5 out of 7 of these, they are provided to us by cloud service providers that incorporate carbon neutral policies for their operations (mostly hydroelectric, but also wind and solar).

In some parts of the Global South, however (such as Brazil and South Africa), the environmental impact of such services as these isn't yet being properly measured, but we feel the benefit of the Cardano network's presence in these regions outweighs such an oversight for the time being, and we continue to push for such considerations to be implemented in due course. In order to compensate for this, BRICS on Cardano is committed to donating 10% of our rewards to a registered environmental charity on a quarterly basis, to thereby bring our server impact to net zero.
Why 2% instead of 1, or even 0?
While it might seem attractive to choose the pool with the lowest possible fee, it's often akin to buying the cheapest items on eBay; it's seldom a good idea.

To maximize rewards over time, a stake pool requires an advanced and professional setup. It's necessary to ensure that the pools are extensively linked to the network, the hardware is sufficient, the internet connection is fast, the software is appropriately configured, and the pool software undergoes regular updates. Redundancy and automation must be built into the system, with multiple internet connections and UPS backup power for the hardware. It's also important to safeguard against attacks. The system should be heavily automated and monitored, to maintain flawless operation of the pools and have a backup server ready to step in at a moment's notice if any issues arise.

As discovered in the inaugural SPO survey/vote conducted as part of the implementation of Voltaire, the revenue generated from a 1% or 0% fee pool simply can't cover the costs of such an intricate setup. Hence, these 1% or 0% fee pools can't afford to maintain this type of setup and are, inevitably and sooner rather than later, forced to run a more basic operation. Over time, this leads to poorer performance, resulting in fewer rewards. Contrary to what you may initially believe, a 1% or 0% pool, after crunching the numbers, tends to offer fewer rewards, despite appearing more attractive on the surface.

There's a risk that the pool operator could increase fees after accruing enough stake, or they might close down the pool entirely due to lack of profitability. It's not ideal to be constantly checking whether the pool maintains its 1% or 0% fee and is still operational, and to run the risk of staking to a pool that's defunct or suddenly charging significantly higher fees.

Additionally, pools with 1% or 0% fees are not driven to perform optimally. The operator profits only from the first block each epoch, providing no ongoing incentive to maintain top performance. There's no compelling reason for the operator to strive for maximum rewards since it incurs extra costs but doesn't provide any additional income. However, thanks to the SPO parameter that both doubled the quantity of preferred stake pools and also halved the fee charged for a pool's first block per epoch, a 2% fee pool (or higher) has a substantial incentive to ensure the pools are always performing at their peak and is prepared to continue investing in them.
Any risks, & how to contact you?
Please always feel free to use the email contact form below, for any requests you may have for support, or critical questions, or the request for more information, or even just to send us a nice greeting - we'd love to hear from you!

The staking of ADA from one's wallet to any designated stake pool is completely safe, and you'll always be able to continue spending ADA from your delegated wallet no matter which pool you've delegated to. Plus you can always change whenever you wish!

Cardano is a freely accessible platform aiming to endow economic identity to billions. Through the provision of decentralized applications that handle identity, governance, and value, we are bridging the gap for those without connectivity and facilitating financial inclusion for the unbanked. Are you prepared to join us in making a transformative impact on the world?

Let's get started!


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